Goca Trzan - Folija

The music video was filmed in 4 locations.

Project Brief

Making a music video for Serbian pop star Goca Trzan was nothing but pure pleasure. The video was filmed in 4 locations with a team of over 20 people. Locations like fortresses, in the middle of a lake, in the middle of a forest. Very inaccessible and demanding. A serious and beautiful experience.

10+ Years Experience


We wrote a screenplay with Goca. Brainstorming was enchanting and we came up with very original ideas and locations for this music video.


We arranged everything – 4 locations, a timeline, equipment, a team of 20+ people, and catering. 

Filming & Editing

Directed by Žarko on the set and also in the editing room later on. 
The realization of the project from idea to final product lasted 1 month.

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